Sallie Belle Sparks Maberry

Honored by:Jane Gilmor
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Sallie (Sarah) Maberry was born July 24, 1893 in Oklahoma (Indian) Territory. She was the youngest of nine children. She was educated in a one-room school house. When she was seventeen the Railroad took back much of the land homesteaded in Oklahoma. Thus her family was forced to move to Amarillo Texas. There she saved her money in a dime-bank until she had enough to attend business college. She later worked at a hat shop and in a department store. In 1921 when whe was twenty-eight she married Buell George Maberry and subsequently raised two children Margery Ann and James. She was active in civil issues volunteered in the USO during World War II helped find housing for veterans and owned and managed an apartment house. She was socially very active in The Women's Club. She died at age 92 February 13, 1985 in Amarillo.

She is remembered as an extremely charitable personable woman dearly loved by many. I honor her because she is my maternal grandmother and because she has been a very significant role model for me. Her independence quick wit and love of storytelling made her company an unforgetable pleasure. Her determination and perseverance as well as her sense of humor have been an inspiration to me throughout my life.