Susan L. Klatt

Honored by:LuAnn and Joe Kupfer
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Susan Landmesser Klatt was born in Western Springs, IL on February 18, 1939. Shortly after she moved with her family to Stillwater, MN where she grew up. The year Sue graduated valedictorian of her class was also the most difficult year of her life. She had fallen in love and married Ed Klatt but her parents three brothers and identical twin all moved to the South. She was close to her family dependent on them and especially missed her twin Carol.

Sue stayed home and worked just as her mother had done while her husband labored long hard days in highway construction. They raised two children Wes and LuAnn. As her children got closer to school age she began to worry: "How could I possibly support my children if something happened to their father?" She decided to increase her security by landing a teacher's aide job at the local High School.

Although the women's movement was in its infancy Sue overcame many obstacles and earned her independence as well as a greater sense of who she was. She was highly praised for her writing talent and her gift for dealing with people. After 14 years she outgrew the teacher's aide work and pursued a career at Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M) in St. Paul, MN.

To her job as customer service representative has been added the responsibility of writer and editor of 3M's Customer Service Newsletter. Although Sue has taken only a few college courses she relishes learning and continues to do so on her own. In addition Sue supported and encouraged her daughter as she earned a Masters' degree. Sue is loved by all who meet her.

She takes joy in life brings great energy to everything she does and is able to see the good in all people. She has a sunny outlook and a fundamental faith in human nature. With her abundant love Sue's children have also received her strong values. For Sue good things come in two’s: In addition to her two children she is an animal lover with two dogs two horses and two cats. She has at least two flower gardens and a deep respect for nature. To top it all off she tries to remain mindful of the needs of others especially those less fortunate. Sue not only believes that all people deserve an equal chance she acts on the belief.