Tracy Diane Moore Riordan

Honored by:Keith Moore
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Both of my grandmothers were survivors. One survived by kicking her husband out of the house. "I had the best night's sleep the night he left," she said (funny what one remembers after the fact).

The other survived by staying with her husband. Somehow both grandmothers raised 10 children between the two of them. Who I am comes from them and their families.

I credit my Aunt Lois for my disregard of what other people think, while my love of staying up late and talking comes from my Aunt Ruth. My father's dry sense of humor and my mother's ability to laugh, laugh, laugh are the tools I use the most in life. I even married someone like my family. Chris has my Uncle Carl's love of history and reading, my Aunt Lorraine's regality. We both strive for my Aunt Joy's unflinching faith and my Aunt Evie's compassion for others.

I intend to take all of their gifts and use them to the fullest. I am going to sing as loudly as I can, paint the most beautiful colors, travel to the heavens and listen to thousands of stories every day. I never want to stop looking inside myself or reaching out to others. I try not to be sad about the world. There is too much to do and we've come too far.

I feel fear often about my life and the life of the universe. But I know I'm not alone. I am one link in the ever-growing chain. I feel a deep need to respect and honor those (especially women) who give me all that I could ever want or need. They are with me and within me always.

So many things that I do and see reminds me of them. They are the ones that gave me power-power to vote, to earn my own living, to take care of myself and a family, to use all of my resources. They taught me how to love myself, women, men and nature (Although I must admit that learning to love men took me a bit longer than the other three).

I look at those who came before me and anticipate about who I am able to become. Today, I am a 27 year old woman, searching for myself, wondering about my future. My partner and I are trying to build a strong and beautiful relationship. So far it is working. Tomorrow, who knows? I can't wait to find out.

Submitted on 7/13/94