Vesta Kidney

Honored by:LaVonne Farner
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Our honoree is Vesta Fern McLaughlin Kidney presented by her daughters LaVonne, Farner Lola Peters and Lila Johnson. She is our heroine because her life has been and continues to be an inspiration to us.

Vesta was born on September 2, 1917 on a farm near Coon Rapids, Iowa. After her marriage to Lauren Kidney, she moved to their farm near Glidden, Iowa and continues to live there.

She modeled the work ethic and love of the land by not only caring for the home, family, and garden, but also by working side by side with Lauren on the farm and enjoying field work and the outdoors. She remained on the farm after his death and continues there to manage the farm. She works in her church, makes nursing home visits, and bakes over 2000 cookies to give away at Christmas as well as maintaining her flowers and enjoying her family.

Vesta exemplifies the independent spirit. She may be found painting the barn, tearing out board fence, clearing brush out of the grove, picking up corn, mowing with the tractor, or shooting a possibly rabid raccoon.

As daughters, it was evident that mothering was her most important career. We have seen her stay up late to finish sewing the dress we needed for that special event. She never complained about chauffeuring us back and forth to town so we could participate in school activities. As adults, she let us make our own decisions, and be our own persons, but was always there with love and support. She has given us a legacy of a strong religious heritage and solid moral values.

Vesta has close Iowa State connections. She has two daughters, three grandchildren, one brother, and one nephew who have graduated from I.S.U. She follows Iowa State sports and was a loyal fan for her granddaughter who participated in I.S.U. sports.

We celebrate the life of our mother and take this opportunity to honor our own personal heroine. Her example to us and her quiet strength will live on through the generations.

LaVonne Farner, Ames, Iowa

Lola Peters, Ankeny, Iowa

Lila Johnson, Marietta, Georgia

Submitted on 1/19/95