Vicki Wilke

Honored by:Jordyn Letter
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My mother didn’t have the easiest life growing up. She learned at a young age if she wanted something she was going to have to do it herself. Being a vet was always a big dream my mother had. She fulfilled that. Going to undergrad, vet school, and even getting her PhD at Iowa State. Soon after she moved to Wisconsin and took a shot with starting her own business. It slowly started to grow immensely, and became a very successful business. My father was helping her build her clinic. He passed away in 2020. My mother is the strongest person I know. My fathers death took a huge toll on my family. My mother knew it couldn’t stop our lives though. She has been the best, most supportive person, helping her kids grieve and trying to help in any way she possibly could. She has always wanted the best for her kids. She took a life where she barely had anything, lost the love of her life, and is still here, despite it all. Doing what she knows to do best. Raising her kids, while running a successful business. I couldn’t have made it as far as I have without her. Love you mom <3