Wanda M. Martin

Honored by:Florence Markley
Brick location:B:15  map

Wanda Mae Markley was born March 18, 1958 in Boone, Iowa. Wanda was a young single mother of two children Steven and Lori Jones living on welfare. In 1982 she obtained her GED (High School Diploma). Wanda held many jobs one of which was at the lunchbox restaurant where she met her current husband William Martin.

In 1988 a maintenance job opened up and Wanda applied. She got the job and was the first woman ever to be accepted into a maintenance position at ISU. She had to work hard at her job. For the first four years of the job Wanda completed a training program the program required self teaching of a series of books while working a 40 hour week. After each book a test had to be passed to continue on. Wanda successfully completed the program and is still in the job today.

She is a pioneer in her field. She opened the door for other women in an area that is predominantly men. Wanda was a test in the maintenance field. If she hadn't passed the tests they wouldn't have hired another woman in this position. She had to prove herself and all other women.