Abbi Swanson

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Abbi Swanson was president of the League of Women Voters of Iowa 1993-95. During that time she gave exemplary leadership to the League. Her frequent contacts with elected officials and media brought visibility to the League and its positions, such as expansion of the bottle bill, the constitutional right of privacy of the individual to make reproductive choices, working to protect the safety and health of citizens through limiting accessibility of handguns, the need for universal health care coverage, and the registering of voters. Abbi is a third generation member of the League of Women Voters; her mother and grandmother were long time League members. Her husband, James Freeman, also supported the League in its purpose of educating citizens as he brought the Iowa League of Women Voters on line with Internet, The Iowa League is the first League in the nation to provide this public access to information about the League and legislative matters.

Abbi was born and received her early schooling in Chicago. She graduated from Grinnell College and lives in Mt. Vernon, Iowa where her husband is on the faculty at Cornell College. In addition to being a devoted mother of three children, Abbi has worked tirelessly as a community activist volunteer. She has been president of her local League of Women Voters, chairs a Mt. Vernon city committee, and is active in local school activities. She embodies what Carrie Chapman Catt has said "Service to a just cause rewards the worker with more true happiness and satisfaction than any other venture in life."

Abbi Swanson is honored by the 1995 Board of Directors and Staff of the League of Women Voters of Iowa:

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Gail Leben-Spies
Mary Lange
Beverly Koson
Shari Fitzgerald
Audrey Hauter
Shirley Koslowski
Donna Wooldridge
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Submitted on 7/1/96