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The ABC Support Group (After Breast Cancer) was formed in Des Moines in 1988 to provide support and information to breast cancer patients their families and support persons. We are an independent non-profit organization supported by donations. Monthly meetings are open to any breast cancer patient family members and friends. The meetings consist of a guest speaker presenting a topic of interest followed by discussions questions and answers. There is also an opportunity to share with other women in various stages of breast cancer and its treatment. When we first heard of the opportunity to purchase a brick for the Plaza of Heroines we proposed it at a meeting and "passed the hat." We met our goal in just two meetings (average attendance is about 30 women). We have three reasons for wanting to be a part of this project: First to honor and remember all of the courageous and vital women who have met the challenge of breast cancer. Whether their outcomes are triumphant or not all are heroines in this fight. Second to support the legacy of Carrie Chapman Catt and to further the education of women in politics. As more women enter the political arena they become our hope for the future. We believe it is imperative that health care reform include more research dollars committed to finding a cause and a cure for this disease. Finally our purpose is to create an awareness of the magnitude of this disease and its implications. Current statistics indicate that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in her lifetime. This year 46000 American women will die from this disease - enough women to fill Cyclone Stadium. Until a cure is found it is urgent that women be aware and educated to detect early warning signs through monthly self-exams and annual physician exams and to follow the recommended guidelines for mammograms. Responsibility for our health rests in our hands. ABC is here to help but our wish is that someday the group will no longer be needed. After Breast Cancer Support Group 7/94