Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey

Honored by:Gilbert Jeffrey, Lynda Jeffery Plott, Dr. Curtis Plott and Julia McCaul
Brick location:E:6  map

Lived from 10/1/16-11/21/90

Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey had je ne sais quoe joie de vivre -- as a student at Barnard College, as a N.Y.C. model, as a devoted wife, as an inspiring mother, as an author of the best selling book "The Bermuda Triangle," as a lecturer on parapsychology and E.S.P., as a conductor of ghost tours and as an author of numerous books related to the unexplained mysteries of the world. Her feminine beauty, radiance, charm, intelligence, independence and spirituality were evident to everyone whose path she crossed. She was a deeply religious woman who loved her Creator and her family and friends. She was a pearl beyond price.

Placed by Husband: Gilbert Jeffrey; Daughter: Lynda Jeffrey Plott; Son-in-Law: Dr. Curtis Plott; Friend: Julia McCaul