Agnes Essman Brody

Honored by:Jill M. Brody, MD, Jacqueline Brody Newberger and Jeffrey A. Brody, MD
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Agnes Essman Brody (1934)

Growing up as an Iowa farm girl in Butler County in the 30's and 40's, the norm was that one would stay on the farm. Leaving that secure, rural environment was difficult; however, Agnes Essman wanted to become a nurse. She enrolled and was graduated from the Allen Memorial School of Nursing in Waterloo and had training in far away Chicago and New York City.

However, her biggest challenge was to instill the drive for academic excellence in her three children. Prodding all of us along through grade school, high school, college, and graduate school, she strived to keep our focus on education and worked and saved so that we might enjoy higher aspirations. Through her efforts we collectively have our mother to thank.

Jacqueline Brody Neuberger B.S. ('82) M.S. ('89)
Jeffrey Brody B.S. M.D.
Jill Brody B.S. ('85) M.D.

Submitted 7/1/96