Amy Monahan

Honored by:Cathryn Watson Potter
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Amy Grace Potter Monahan is my daughter and definitely belongs on any list of heroines I would prepare. She was the first of three wonderful children (the others are Douglas Raymond Potter and Jeffrey Watson Potter, two of the "heroes" in my life). She is such a great person--intelligent, curious, warm and loving, responsible, capable and caring.

It seemed like she was born raised--how nice to have a first child like that. She excelled in school, a product of her willingness to work hard and her joy in learning. She joins her mother, aunt and grandmother in their love of reading. She enjoys handwork, gardening and church activities and is a loving wife and mother of two. At the same time, she has a very high-powered job in a large corporation and has been extremely successful. Amazing to me but true.

This is far beyond anything I could ever have imagined when I was an Iowa State student. A special memory of Amy for me relates to my involvement in the League of Women Voters. The League was very committed to having Indiana ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. When Amy was about thirteen, I took her with me to help hand out leaflets which promoted a state ERA rally and the next day took her to the rally in Indianapolis. These experiences had quite an impact on her and she became a "believer."

A number of years later when she was a college student, we were both asked to speak at a local courthouse rally promoting the extension of time to get the required number of states to ratify the amendment. My remarks were OK but hers were a tremendous hit. She was interrupted many times with applause and cheers. How wonderful to see your daughter so committed to "justice" and so able to communicate her ideas to others.


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"Mattie Sissel
E. Mae Watson
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Helen Holt
Amy Monahan"

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