Andrea Bonney Hefty

Honored by:Andrea B. Walling
Brick location:G:26  map

Not only is the Carrie Chapman Catt Plaza of Heroines special to women it is special to Pi Beta Phi Fraternity. Carrie was a member and my daughter Andrea Hefty is the eleventh member in our family to be a Pi Beta Phi. In honor of Andrea’s election as President of Pi Beta Phi for 1995 I wish to honor her. Her commitment and dedication to the traditions history goals and the women of Pi Beta Phi deserve to be recognized.

As a daughter I wish to honor Andrea for her respect and dedication to me. She displays independence intelligence decisiveness and empathy in her approach to life. As a child of a single parent she has recognized that a woman can accomplish her goals on her own. Her determination through good as well as difficult times makes me extremely proud. By giving her this honor I hope Andrea realizes how much she has contributed to her family sorority and friends. I have no doubt that she will continue to display the strong characteristics and to continue to contribute to the world. She will always be my special Heroine. I Love You!