Andrea Kathleen Shaver

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Andrea, born January 21, 1995, is the daughter of David Shaver (B.S., 1990) and Judy Shaver (B.A., UNI, 1987). She was born in Plano, Texas where David was a software development engineer and Judy was a teacher in the Plano schools. The family moved to Ridgway, Colorado in July, 1995. Relatives who are ISU graduates include grandmother Kathleen Shaver (M.S., 1974, 1987; grandfather, the late Charles Shaver (B.S., 1956); aunts Sally Shaver (B.S., 1986) and Mary Shaver Walter (B.S., 1987) cousins: Dennis Goering (B.S., 1986); Deborah Goering Sinclair (B.S., 1983); Brian Sinclair (B.S., 1984); Dwight Crevelt (B.S., 1979) and great uncle Don Goering (Ph.D., 1979).

Submitted on 2/14/95