Angela M. Walsh

Honored by:Don Haugo
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Angela Mary Schreck Walsh was born May 23, 1922 to George and Philomena Schreck. She was one of thirteen children in the Schreck family growing up on a farm in Carroll County, Iowa. It was this setting that provided a foundation for developing so many of the qualities emulated by her family and friends.

As a young career woman, Angela lived and worked in Des Moines where she met then later married Donald Walsh on June 10, 1950. They have four children, two of whom attended Iowa State University.

Angela instilled in her children respect for others and a responsibility to family and community. She has always been and continues to be a person willing to put others first. Her dedication to her children and grandchildren exemplifies this quality, as well as her activities as a church volunteer. Angela provides a model for her family and friends for working diligently in service to others.

Submitted on 2/20/95