Ann E. Howell

Honored by:Stephen L. Howell
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At this writing such things as the Carrie Chapman Catt Hall and the Plaza of Heroines are still just ideas -- mostly conceptual works-in-progress. This makes it difficult to visualize what its final form will be. Yet even with this present ambiguity it was clear from the start that to include Ann Howell in such a tribute is aptly fitting even logical. Born on May 13, 1956 as Ann Wagner she grew up in the eastern Iowa town of Atkins close to Cedar Rapids. Ann was the second of nine children in the Wagner family.

Her father Donald had ties to Iowa State graduating in Veterinary Medicine. He died in 1984. Her mother Verna continues to live in the town where Ann was raised. Ann graduated from Benton Community High School in 1974 and received an Education degree from Iowa State in 1978. Since graduation and at present she is pursuing a career in teaching at Norway Elementary School in eastern Iowa. Ann and I were excited to learn about the Plaza of Heroines project at Iowa State. Some of her family ties to the University have already been mentioned. Many lifelong acquaintances of Ann -- in the form of friends and her husband -- also attended there. Though we are seldom able to return to the Campus to visit a special bond for Iowa State strongly endures.

Other facets of Ann's life lend themselves to her inclusion in the Plaza of Heroines. The sense of place conveyed by this notable undertaking is one of special women women of substance and commitment grounded in the desire to further the process of education. In her eighteen years of teaching she has never failed to positively contribute to the purpose and mission of teaching. She has been highly respected at all levels within her school -- faculty administration parents community and (most importantly) students.

Ann has touched the lives of innumerable children in significant and memorable ways. Looking toward the future the focus again may return to the educational benefits in place at Iowa State. Already our two children Alyssa and Ryan are well into their educational development. Soon our daughter will be going on to college and has expressed an interest in furthering a tradition at Iowa State. Perhaps in that way we can continue a process that Ann and myself were privileged to enjoy.