Ann Marion Brearley

Honored by:Mary Jo Brearley
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Dr. Ann M. Brearley is at this writing (1995) still in her thirties but is well along in a distinguished career in chemistry. I feel that she follows the kind of path Carrie Chapman Catt hoped women would make available to themselves and to other women. A graduate of St. Olaf College where she was a National Merit Scholar and Phi Beta Kappa Brearley, took a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Minnesota, followed by a postdoctoral appointment at Argonne National Laboratory. She went to DuPont in 1989 and has risen to the position of senior research chemist, working on process analysis and process control with sensors to monitor and test. She cooperates with agencies like the Girl Scouts in describing her field to young girls and encouraging their interest in careers in science. Brearley is married to Christopher Edwin Hagen and at this time they have one child, Rachel Catherine. In addition to being a devoted wife and mother and a great source of joy to her parents, Brearley is active in church activities, music (playing the flute and singing in choirs) and dance (square and folk), so that she enriches the lives of those around her in many ways in addition to her contributions through her career. In person she is quiet but warm and friendly, and is a comforting, soothing, calming presence when one is upset or ill. She accomplishes a great deal personally as well as through her profession.