Anna Brody Erbb

Honored by:Jill M. Brody, MD, Jacqueline Brody Newberger and Jeffrey A. Brody, MD
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Anna Brody Erbb (1884-1985)

A woman who has been through it all. Traveling in covered wagons across the Midwest attending Vinton School for the Blind raising three young children as a widow in the early 1900's pushing the cause of the WCTU watching her grandsons go off to war and shepherding the large Brody clan along Anna Brody Erbb was our beloved matriarch and a very important person in the lives of all she touched. She personified our family and clearly defined for all of us the true importance of family.

Jacqueline Brody Neuberger B.S. ('82) M.S. ('89) Jeffrey Brody B.S. M.D. Jill Brody B.S. ('85) M.D.