Anna Hromatko Fuhrmeister

Honored by:Caroline Touchberry
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Anna Hromatko was born on April 12, 1894 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. After attending Cedar Rapids schools, she graduated from Coe College in Cedar Rapids in 1916 with a BA degree in Math and Physics. Anna and her two sisters worked for the U.S. Government in Washington D.C. during World War I. She returned to Cedar Rapids, where she taught math and science in Cedar Rapids high schools and in Riceville, Iowa.

On September 1, 1923, Anna and Forrest L. Fuhrmeister were married. They lived on the family farm near Ely, Iowa the rest of their lives. He was a World War I veteran and they were both active in the American Legion and its Auxiliary. Anna did substitute teaching in several nearby one-room schools.

Their only child, Caroline (myself), was born October 10, 1924. When a pre-schooler, I went along when mother taught and I must have absorbed much of the learning going on. Mother inspired me to be a member of the 4-H club which she led. She guided me toward Iowa State College (university now), from which I graduated.

Anna died August 29, 1976. She was conscientious and had high standards. She applied her science daily in her home-making and cooking methods; especially the physics and methods of cleanliness and sanitation. Mother always voted and appreciated Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt's efforts.