Anne Marie Djupe

Honored by:The Webster Family
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August 25 1944 - February 21 1995

 Born in Everett Washington. Wife of David and mother of Paul. Nursing degree from North Park College Chicago Illinois. M.A. with Gerontology from Roosevelt University Chicago Illinois. Started nursing career in 1967 in Chicago at Cook County Hospital Burn Unit. Member of core group that created the Parish Nursing Program in Chicago and as Director was responsible for establishing many local programs throughout the country. The Program is structured around a collaborative partnership between a faith community or congregation a registered nurse and a health care institution. The Parish Nurses embrace a philosophy which stresses the whole person i.e. the mind body and spirit and the importance of preventative care as opposed to reactive care. The Parish Nurses function as health educators; personal health counselors; facilitators and teachers of volunteers; referral sources and liaisons with community resources; interpreters of the close relationship between faith and health. Anne Marie co-authored the following books: Parish Nursing The Developing Practice Reaching Out - Parish Nursing Services Looking Back - The Parish Nurse Experience Reaching Out - Parish Nursing Services; An Institutional/Congregational Partnership