Annette Dingman Homer

Honored by:Carolyn Cornette
Brick location:C:15  map

In a world where success is often measured by what a person can accomplish for himself Annette Dingman Homer is the perfect example of success measured by the spirit concern and caring for others. "We can do no great things -- only small things with great love" said Mother Teresa. Annette Homer does just that. Annette is a native Iowan who grew-up in Fort Madison. She went on to graduate from St. Louis University with a B.S. in Public Health Nursing and serve in the U.S. Navy Nursing Corps during the Korean Conflict before returning to Iowa. Though she no longer serves as a public health nurse she continues to maintain her concern for others. She has served on three Story County boards pertaining to health issues; the Association of Retarded Citizen's Public Health Nursing and Homemaker Health. At the same time she has donated countless hours to Social Services of Story County Mary Greeley Hospital Ames Community Schools the League of Women Voters and the Ames Public Library. No matter how valuable her "organized" contribution has been Annette's real strength is in her Roman Catholic faith and the spirit that comes from that faith. She shares that spirit quietly and with concern as she works with family friends neighbors parish and community. She's there to help when others are still wondering what to do. Annette and her husband Roger live in Ames and are the parents of five children; Margaret, Mark, Melinda, Mary and Molly. Personal gain does not motivate Annette Homer. It is her faith and interest in others that provides her motivation.