Barbara Davis Licklider

Honored by:Les Licklider
Brick location:B:18  map

I dedicate this brick in honor of my wife "Barb" an educator, a wife, and an inspiration to all those she comes in contact with. A woman who believes that all people have the right and the ability to learn regardless of race, creed, sex, or social origin. Her interest and intensity in the field of education has affected the lives of her students from the middle schools through the graduate school level.

Barb is a wife who is always willing to listen to my problems but not solve them but instead of giving me the solution or answers shows me the choices that are available very much the same way she does with her students in the classroom. She is a woman of firm convictions but always willing to listen to others. It is an honor to place her name on the Carrie Chapman Catt memorial as an Iowa State Alumnus and Educator.