Barbara Haugen Reisinger

Honored by:Kathy, Todd and Kristin Reisinger
Brick location:A:9  map

Barbara Haugen was born and raised in Rake, Iowa. Her mother, Vivian, was determined that her daughter would be the first female in the family to attend college. In 1959, Barbara enrolled at ISU where she pledged Pi Beta Phi. She was very active on campus throughout her four years and was named the 1961 Bomb Beauty. In 1962 she was voted Vishea Queen of Queens. She graduated with honors in the School of Home Economics during 1963 and shortly thereafter married Gordon Reisinger a former TKE at ISU.

Barbara and her husband currently live in Red Oak, Iowa and have three grown children - all of whom have also graduated from Iowa State. We choose to honor her today for the incredible courage and wisdom she had given to us over the years. And most of all for her fabulous example in living -- for growing up we only had to look down the hall for our role model and hero.

Submitted on 1/14/95