Barbara Nelson Eddy

Honored by:O. Robert Eddy
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Barbara was born in Ames, Iowa and lived there until she graduated from Iowa State College. She worked part-time to help pay tuition and earned her degree in Textiles and Clothing in the College of Home Economics. As her husband, 0. Robert Eddy, I hereby declare her to be an outstanding homemaker. She raised our family of three sons and a daughter and saw them all get Bachelors degrees; three from Iowa State university and one from Drake University. During this period, she supported me in the development of a new business which remains in our family.

When our family was grown Barbara became an active volunter in the ISU Alumni Association. She served on the Honors and Awards committee for five years; chairing it twice. She has been active as a Brunnier Gallery Curators Associate. Particularly noteworthy she is now serving her sixth year on the ISU Athletic Council as the first woman to serve this board as a representative of the Alumni Association.

Barbara is a member of Delta Delta Delta and served fifteen years as Treasurer of their Corporation Board.

Barbara Nelson Eddy is a dedicated Iowa Stater and richly deserves to be remembered in the Carrie Chapman Catt Plaza of Heroines.