Bernadine R. Benak

Honored by:Richard Benak
Brick location:F:11  map

Bernadine was born on April 7, 1931, in Omaha, Nebraska. She was the daughter of Edward and Anna Burkhardt. She had two sisters, Mary Ann and Elizabeth, and one brother, Joseph. She attended St. Agnes and the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Grade Schools and St. Mary's High School. She married Richard Benak on May 22, 1965. They had three children: Richard (ISU '88), David and Mary Margaret. Bernadine worked for Mutual of Omaha up through Richard Jr's birth and after the three children were grown went to work for Omaha Public Schools. The community events that she participated in are numerous including: Legion of Mary PTA and Sunday School instructor. In August of 1992 she was diagnosed with cancer. Through a strong will to live and deep faith she is staying ahead in the battle. A better woman you will not find. She is the best mother any son has ever had. 7/1/96