Bernice Bergman

Honored by:Jeniece Bergman
Brick location:K:14  map

I am honoring my grandma, Bernice Bergman. The time we had together was some of the most special moments I have known in my life. I know my family feels the same way. She was an amazing woman that we will all miss dearly.

Bernice's family was the most important thing to her in life. She kept us all together. She loved baking and cooking for us all and the memories of meals with her are still talked about today. The dinners at her house and family gatherings where her smile lit up the room is where she shined the most. A pure, strong, stubborn Swede to the end, Bernice would not let anything come between her and her family. She always encouraged every one of us to strive for the best and be the finest we could be.

Though she's been gone for a few years now, none of us miss her any less. She was the light of the family and loved by all who met her. As I continue growing in life, I believe that my grandma Bernice is watching over me and telling me to push myself further. I can only hope that I have made her proud. I dedicated this to her, the strongest and most loving woman I've ever known. I miss you, Grandma.