Bertha Brincks Lohman

Honored by:Karen K. Lohman
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Bertha Bernadine Bertha Brincks Lohman is an exceptional woman and as the name suggests one with many facets. Born to Mr. Herman Brincks and Mrs. Theresia (Von Bon) Brincks on December 5, 1917 Willey, Iowa was the home of Bertha Bernadine Brincks during her childhood and young adult life. Blessed with two of the most caring parents one could imagine these people instilled in her the values she lived by and subsequently used to raised her eight children as well.

Blessed, as I said, with two wonderful parents Bertha was also fortunate to meet an incredible man whom she would later call her husband. Marcellus Isadore Lohman born August 1, 1914 hailed from Milford, Iowa where he was born and spent much of his childhood and young adult life. Bertha met a fine person in Mr. Marcellus Lohman and inherited two more exceptional people in his parents Herman Lohman and Louise (Berg) Lohman. Bertha and Marcellus were married on April 18, 1944.

Children were a part of the dream Bertha and Marcellus shared so they began planning for this most precious part of their lives: their family. The following eight bundles of joy were held precious in their hearts: Diane Theresia Lohman (Riesenberg), Darrell Herman Lohman, Ronald Alvin Lohman, Robert Arnold Lohman, Karen Kay Lohman, Lou Ann Lohman, (Ayres) Randall Joseph Lohman, Joan Marie Lohman, Bertha and Marcellus' offspring chose various paths but each of them always knew that no matter what path their lives took or what they called their claim to fame they were always secure in love -- beautiful and precious in the most important eyes in the world -- the eyes of their parents.

Marcellus Isadore was taken from Bertha and her children on June 15, 1976 a death that left Bertha and eight children devastated. Marcellus was just 61 years of age at the time. Part of the reason for my dedicating this honor in the Plaza of Heroines to my Mother Bertha Lohman is the incredible strength she has displayed and shared during the time following Dad's death. I watched a woman, a farm wife, who depended on a willing husband for providing her with all the necessities to suddenly be forced to deal with a world that must have seemed quite surreal. Looking back and remembering the laughter and frustration during her coming of age in the city it's a wonder that we still have her with us.

Bertha Lohman is not a quitter, however, and thanks to many small miracles, we still do have this remarkable woman with us. She has had to endure many things in her young life of 77 years. She has lost two sets of parents a loving husband and many friends to the beckoning of a life we will someday know ourselves. She has raised eight children and watched encouraged and coached them through the trials and joys of living. She has endured a health history that has been anything but kind to a now fragile woman but she has never forgotten the one thing that holds it all together.

She has never forgotten the value of goodness and sincere concern for those in her circle of life and beyond. In the face of many adversities a strong woman became even stronger. She generated battle for her life when being diagnosed with cancer and not able to receive the chemo due to diabetes. Her incredible courage focused once again on holding a very frightened family together. Bertha faced this challenge as she had many others daring it to overcome her. I'm sure she will face and make it through many more challenges in her life.

I only hope I can have a fraction of the courage love and compas- sion she has exhibited in her beautiful life. Mom, Bertha, Mommy, friend and confrere I love you with all my heart and I dedicate this brick in the Plaza of Heroines in honor of the most important woman in my life YOU!