Bertha Johnson

Honored by:Gary Johnson
Brick location:E:8  map

I'm honoring my Mother because she sacrificed a better living standard during the time my sister Marilyn K. Johnson and I were going to I.S.U. between 1954 and 1960. Although she only went through German school at Knierim Iowa I feel that I owe much of the smarts I have to her. The town of Knierim was named after her grandfather who came from Germany during our Civil War. He gave land for plotting of a town because he was tried of dragging the farm produce so far to market. The town was plotted along the new railroad which was built in 1898. Trinity Lutheran Church is located 1 mile north of Knierim. In 1915 an English service was held every 4th Sunday. In 1919 every first and third. German services were discontinued in 1941 when the war with Germany began. My mother could speak German but never taught it to me. I wish she would have.

-Sincerely Gary Ray Johnson