Bertha M. Drilling Myers

Honored by:Laura Sieverding Grams, Ann Sieverding Scheiding and Mark Sieverding
Brick location:G:22  map

Bertha Drilling Myers was a mother. Throughout her life she accomplished many things - she and her husband William F. Myers successfully raised their large family through the Depression. Bertha was a faith-filled member of her church she remembered and recognized with a card the birthday of every family member she recorded the life of her family and community through extensive letter and journal writing and at the age of 80 she earned her high school diploma.

Through it all Bertha Myers was a mother. She was strong spirited and able to see the humor in life. She will forever be held in high honor by her 11 children, 52 grandchildren, and 80 great-grandchildren because Bertha Drilling Myers was a mother. Bertha died in 1993.