Betty Bear Munsen

Honored by:J. Robert Munsen
Brick location:D:26  map

Mrs Munsen was a home economics teacher for 20 years in the Finneytown School District. She started the Home Economics Department in the school district - first with elementary classes and later when a new high school was built. She formed the department of home economics which she headed. She was also the first person to formulate a program for boys going to college and she called it Bachelor Basics to teach young men how to cook and take care of their homes. Her unfailing concern for others and her courage and kindness made her a favorite of many students she taught during her 20 years at Finneytown as well as among her friends and contemporary teachers. She has a husband: John Robert Munsen; a daughter, Patricia Susan Woeste; and a son, John Robert Jr. Mrs. Munsen was a member of the Northminster Presbyterian Church, and a graduate of Iowa State University. Mrs. Munsen died at the age of 63 on June 8, 1978.