Bev Schmeling

Honored by:Grant and Inde Schmeling
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Why our Mom is Special

Bev Schmeling was born on November 2, 1955. At age 18 she married and had her first child, Inde, which caused her to neglect further education until later years. She went back to school part-time years later after her second child, Grant, in 1985 to pursue her degree at Iowa State University. She's endured hard times in her life with a smile. She taught me to laugh at life's little problems and that things weren't always as bad as I may have thought. She taught me the meaning of responsibility, trust, and unconditional love. As a teenager I tested her love and trust in me many times. She is very forgiving and understanding and we have a very open and honest relationship. Mom gave me the self-confidence I needed to grow to respect myself and others. She taught me to be kind to other people at all times. If there was someone at school who was mean to me, she told me not to fight back, but to kill them with kindness. This taught me to be understanding towards why people act in the ways that they do. She made me want to be a nice person and to help people in need. I am pursuing my degree in Social Work because of all the things that she has taught me to value and hold sacred in my life.

Happy Mother's Day 1994 Mom!

Submitted on 4/15/94