Beverly Madden

Honored by:Warren R. Madden
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Beverly (Schlacks) Madden is a 1960 graduate of Iowa State University and has served the university in a variety of capacities as a faculty member and administration. As a graduate of the College of Home Economics she lived and taught in the Home Management Department, living in one of the home management houses on the campus. She has a strong commitment to assisting students in developing their careers, first associated with the College of Family and Consumer Sciences and then on a university wide basis. As the traditional careers of women have been changing she has provided leadership and guidance to thousands of students. She serves and the first university wide Director of Career Planning and Placement developing one of the best coordinated university placement programs in the country. She has also been instrumental in developing student recruitment and retention programs. During more than thirty years of service has contributed to Iowa State University and exemplifies the qualifies of the Plaza of Heroines at Carrie Chapman Catt Hall.

Submitted on 4/30/94

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"Beverly Madden
Director ISU
Career Planning
And Placement