Beverly Ruth Fischer Hall

Honored by:Frances Minot Skank
Brick location:E:2  map

"Some people Come into our lives And quickly go. Some stay for awhile And leave footprints On our hearts And we are Never the same." (Flavia)

Beverly Ruth Fischer was born in 1947 to Frederick and Esther Fischer in Mendota, Illinois where she was raised in a strong farm family of closeness and integrity. She received her early education in the Van Orlin and La Moille school systems and has furthered her education with courses principally at Iowa State University and Des Moines Area Community College. In addition to being a homemaker she has been employed in real estate and various retail sales and management positions and owned a business in partnership with me. She married in 1967 and with her husband has two daughters. She has a great love and affection for family friends community and the furtherance of women. Although her accomplishments would speak to the quality of her life I wish to honor her in the Plaza of Heroines for more personal reasons.

She has been an inspiration for me as I have become aware of her personal strength and courage in times of adversity and as I have seen her integrity intuitiveness and her resource- fulness. She is my dearest friend confidant and kindred spirit. She has supported and encouraged me taught me and helped me through good times and bad withholding judgment and acrimony.

We share ideals hobbies and many other interests we even share children - her eldest daughter being married to my eldest son. She has been a totally positive influence in my life and I am grateful to be able to show my admiration and love for her by honoring her in the Plaza of Heroines. Certainly to me and I am sure to others as well she is a genuine heroine.