Blanche B. Nechanicky

Honored by:William G. Nechanicky
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Blanche B. Nechanicky was born March 16, 1907 in Howard Township, Tama County, Iowa.

In her recognition in the 1940's 50's and 60's of factors leading to deprivation of high-school age girls young mothers and adult women in securing education and training essential for economic security she pioneered the offering of remedial and multiple-level training programs for employment. Alone at time fighting the tide of discrimination against women in the trades and industrial sectors her efforts resulted in breaking barriers leading to the acceptance of youth and adults into occupational preparatory programs commensurate with individual abilities and labor market needs.

Miss Nechanicky was an early exponent in the formation of the Vocational Clubs of America (which annually serves 400,000 secondary and post-secondary youth of our nation)...recognizing all youth as individuals of infinite worth in society and developing each one as a responsible citizen contributing to our economic security and the national well-being of all people. Nationally Miss Nechanicky provided exemplary leadership in promoting and expanding a Women's Division in the American vocational Association to better serve human needs.

Since her retirement Miss Nechanicky has been a devoted powerful force in conceiving and causing programs and services to be provided to senior citizens. For those in the Capital District and state who desperately need helping caring hands and hearts she is actively organizing programs and services through hospitals social service welfare religious organizations and other bodies to provide necessary food lodging shelter clothing health and other services...undergirded by love and spiritual support.

With joyous heart an effervescent personality and expertise in rallying community support Miss Nechanicky brings joy and enrichment to the lives of senior citizens through social recreational and work-related activities using many varied art and music therapy forms. Her efforts for youth and young adults continues toward their development as the nation's greatest resource.

I am honored to present these facts recording Miss Blanche B. Nechanicky's contributions at maximizing the development of and enriching the lives of the thousands of men and women whose lives she has touched through service. Miss Nechanicky continues to bring honor and dignity to Iowa State University.