Bonnie Joanne Sheldon

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When Bonnie decided to start Sheldon Day Care in 1987, little did she realize the impact she would make in the lives of so many children and their families. "Bonnie's"--as children and parents call it -- is more than a day care. From the moment the children arrive in the morning they are greeted with warmth and love. Many activities comprise their day: learning skills, field trips, and games to name a few. Another group arrives at Bonnie's in the afternoon: tired parents who usually stay for a while to chat and unwind from their day. She is there for adults also: patient, understanding, and selfless.

The children eagerly look forward to the annual summer barbecue. However, the Christmas party and sleepover is their favorite. It is foolish to believe that these are solely for the children's benefit. We, as parents, know they are presents to us also. We also know that Bonnie has helped our children through their firsts: teething, walking, talking, and days of school. In addition she has been there to guide, give medicine, dry tears, kiss boo-boo's, and cuddle.

As we continue on our path the love, caring and lessons that Bonnie has shared with us will lot a lifetime.

The Crepeau Family
The Del Vecchio Family
The Fowler Family
The Friedrich Family
The Hensley Family
The Kershek Family
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and Brady Andrea and Rob.

Submitted on 3/14/95