Carita Hedrick McCarroll

Honored by:Nancy Walker
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Carita Hedrick McCarroll was born in August 12, 1870, a daughter of General John Morrow Hedrick of Ottumwa, Iowa.

Carita was married and had five children when she suddenly found herself a widow in 1908 at the age of 38. Desiring a college education for all of her children, Carita moved her young family from Ottumwa, Iowa to Ames. In Ames, she purchased a large home on Ash Avenue where she supported her family by renting out rooms and providing meals to college students.

The Pi Beta Phi Sorority house on the Iowa State campus found itself in need of a housemother, and Carita was hired for that job. She was the house mother during the years that three of her four daughters went through Rush Week and pledged Pi Beta Phi: Katharine in 1914, Carita in 1915, and Dorothy in 1922. For her many dedicated years to Pi Beta Phi, the local chapter made her an "Honorary" member.

Her son, John Hedrick McCarroll, also graduated from Iowa State University.

Carita Hedrick McCarroll was my great grandmother and I, Nancy Holbrook Walker, am a 1973 graduate of Iowa State University and a member of the Iowa Gamma chapter of Pi Beta Phi.

Submitted on 7/1/96