Carita McCarroll Holbrook

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B Feb 15, 1897 Ottumwa, Iowa
D Feb 8, 1962 Des Moines, Iowa

Carita was the daughter of William F McCarroll and Carita Hedrick McCarroll (Plaza of Heroines honoree Brick Section G Row 17).

Majoring in Home Economics, Carita received her degree from Iowa State College in 1918.  She married her college sweetheart, Russell Holbrook (also an Iowa State College graduate), when he returned from service in World War I in 1919.

Living in Des Moines, they had four children and Carita used her skills acquired in Home Economics, hosting a radio cooking show and later sewing custom drapes and slip covers and upholstering furniture for many homes in Des Moines.  She excelled at this work, which she did while taking care of her home and children.  After the birth of her last child in 1932, she began a new career as a buyer of glass, china, and silver for a large jewelry store in downtown Des Moines.

When she became a widow in 1938, she courageously faced her biggest challenge, living alone and working full time to support her family, as her own mother had done.  Her children ranged in age from 5 to 18.

As part of her job in the jewelry store, she helped plan and decorate an expanded space into a gift shop where she could display beautiful table settings in a new and innovative way.  She continued her duties as a buyer as well as managing the department until retirement.  

She bravely sent her two sons to serve in World War II.

After retiring in 1951, she married (Burton Joseph) and decorated their home, making the drapes, bedspreads, slipcovers and creating a large and unique garden.

We, her daughters, honor our mother and grandmother, two very brave women who share the name of Carita.  See also honoree above Brick G Row 17.

Caroline Holbrook Schulte
Dorothy Holbrook Myers