Carla Jo Mehus

Honored by:The Actuarial & Marketing Department of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa, John P. Cookson, and Milliman and Robertson Inc.
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Carla Jo Mehus was born on December 4, 1950, in Belmond, Iowa, and grew up in Kanawha, Iowa. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Iowa State University in 1972 and earned her master's degree in business administration from Drake University in 1982. She was a Qualified Health Actuary and was a member of the American Academy of Actuaries since 1984. From 1972 to 1975, she held various positions at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa, leaving to pursue other positions from 1975 to 1979. She returned to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa in 1979 and held the position of manager of actuarial services until 1983, at which time she was promoted to director of actuarial services. In May of 1989, Carla was named vice president of actuarial services -- the first woman to hold that position at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa.

One of Carla's co-workers thought of her in this way: C is for the Caring nature that she possessed. A is for the Appreciative responses that she would always provide. R is for the Respect that she had earned. L is for the Leadership that helped guide us all. A is for the Actuary the career in which she excelled. J is for the Joy that she brought to everyone she met. 0 is for all of the Other qualities that made her so special and why she will be dearly missed and never forgotten.

Carla Mehus was a caring and gentle person -- she touched the lives of everyone she knew in a positive way. She was always concerned about another's well-being and made sure she was there for her family and friends. She cared enough to try to make a difference. Carla contributed to her community in many ways because she felt strongly about giving to those who were less fortunate. She spent a lot of time and thought in responding to requests from colleagues at work or member of the community. She never turned anyone away -- she always had time for just one more project. She would bring a balanced perspective to the most critical business issue and would create an innovative solution to a problem. Being an honest person, Carla had earned the respect of a great number of people. She treated everyone fairly -- in the way in which she would want to be treated. Her co-workers and colleagues respected her for her wealth of knowledge and her manner in which she could explain a particular situation in detail and yet make it understandable.

Her friends respected her for the wonderful, thoughtful person that she was. Carla's leadership helped guide her staff to be knowledgeable, confident, and successful in their roles. Her trust and confidence in her staff and co-workers made it easy to work as a team. Carla's love of mathematics took her into a world of numbers. To understand what numbers meant to a billion-dollar corporation took a great deal of knowledge and technical skill. Carla served as a single source for the financial well-being of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa. She put her knowledge and skill to use in her furthering her personal and professional goals.

Yet she was truly a people person. Her actuarial skills were solicited outside of BCBS of Iowa, too. She was respected industry-wide and had direct impact on lowa's small group and individual health care reform legislation. Carla was an easy person to like. She was a true friend -- kind and sincere whether it be to a friend co-worker or a loved one. She had a marvelous sense of humor which broke into a contagious laughter. She enjoyed being with people. She especially enjoyed her travels with friends. Carla could tell a good story, often revealing embarrassing real-life situations she had gotten herself into. Being able to laugh at herself so was what made Carla special. Carla had many qualities that touched the lives of the people she knew. She was kind and thoughtful, loving and caring. She dealt with many difficulties, which she tackled with courage and great patience. Carla's health problem was one that she tackled with every breath she took.

Complications of asthma took her from us at an early age. She fought this ailment for as long as her body could tolerate. Ultimately it was time for her to be relieved of such great suffering and for her to once again breathe freely.


Paver Inscription:

"Carla Jo Mehus
B 1950 D 1995
B.S. Math 1972"