Carol Feldhaus

Honored by:Carolyn Masci
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Carol Feldhaus is a woman who deserves to be honored in a special way. She has been the president of the Farmingdale Federation of Teachers for 18 years, bringing a high degree of caring a professionalism to all she encountered. She has lived on Long Island most of her life but her influence has been felt far beyond the Island.

She certainly exemplifies what Carrie Lane Chapman Catt said in her commencement address to Iowa State University's class of 1921: "To the wrongs that need resistance / To the right that needs assistance / To the future in the distance / Give yourselves." Carol Feldhaus has given of herself over and over for the betterment of education.

A biology teacher for 33 years, she has been a wise, caring leader who always worked for the best outcomes in situations involving the children, the teachers and the community. Mother, grandmother and wife top the list of this woman's many accomplishments. Her outstanding leadership qualities have benefited the community of Farmingdale in many ways and indeed have also benefited teachers throughout the State of New York through her involvement in guaranteeing the rights of pregnant teachers to return to their classrooms when their doctor deemed it advisable.

I am proud to have her recognized for her many contributions to the Farmingdale educational community and to the furthering of public education in the United States by having her name engraved on a brick in the "Plaza of Heroines." Just knowing her has been an honor.

Carolyn Masci, colleague (April 1999)