Carol Warner

Honored by:The Biochemistry and Biophysics Department
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Carol Warner received her Ph.D. in Biochemistry with Verne Schumacher at UCLA. She joined the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics as an Instructor in 1971 after completing her postdoctoral fellowship at Yale with Clement Markert. She served as Assistant and Associate Professor and was promoted to Full Professor in 1980. Dr. Warner was the first female faculty member of the department. A dedicated mother and a strong personality who took an active role in the development of the department, Dr. Warner served as a role model for many women who received their graduate and undergraduate degrees in this department. Dr. Warner made numerous contributions to the Department and the University. She brought expertise in molecular immunology to Iowa State. Her research into the structure and function of the major histocompatability complex in mice pigs and chickens helped to develop knowledge of the important function of these protein in cellular interactions and embryonic development of these species. In addition, Dr. Warner was the driving force within the Department for planning and implementing construction of the Molecular Biology Building. 7/1/96

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Carol Warner
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