Caroline B. Brearley

Honored by:Mary Jo Brearley
Brick location:G:9  map

Though she is only in her twenties and not yet really started on her life's work, Caroline has shown such imagination and courage in preparing herself to live in the world now and in the 21st century that I feel she will doubtless live up to the honor being bestowed on her. A Russian major, she spent a semester at college in Moscow not long before the USSR ceased to be. Later she taught English in Japan, returning to the U.S. by way of the transiberian railroad from Beijing to Moscow before flying on to the U.S. Recently, she has been using her Russian language skills while working for a subcontractor to the State Department and completing a degree in Russian Area Studies at Georgetown University. She visited Germany in high school when she was studying the German language and has been in England and other countries. Besides making personal friends, I feel she makes friends for our country through her adventures and is a source of good in the world.