Carolyn C. James

Honored by:Patrick James
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Carolyn C. James is a highly accomplished academic. She currently is a professor in international studies and languages at Pepperdine University. Carolyn started her career in the department of political science at Iowa State University. She holds a doctorate in political science from the University of Cincinnati.

Carolyn is the first woman in the field of international security studies to receive the Taft Fellowship. This is typical of her path-breaking role in a field that is almost entirely male in composition. Even very distinguished senior professors in the field recognize Carolyn's special abilities and invite her to specialized conferences on civil-military relations, an important area of interdisciplinary research.

Carolyn also is one of the leaders within the International Studies Association (ISA). She is actively involved in coordinating with other women in the field to promote their representation in ISA, the principal outlet for scholarly research on international relations around the world. Among her many achievements in ISA are the presidencies of two regions – the Midwest and the West.

Carolyn presents papers at professional conferences on a regular basis. She is highly sought after to participate in panels and discussion groups and is a leader in the fields of foreign policy analysis and international security studies. Her current research focuses on the Arctic and the latest publication from that project will appear in American Review of Canadian Studies.

Carolyn is also is a wife and mother. She is a role model for women in professional life and already has helped many students in and out of the classroom. Carolyn's abilities in so many areas make her a perfect choice for the Plaza of Heroines.

Submitted 2/17/97; updated 5/2/2014