Catherine Lee

Honored by:The Biochemistry and Biophysics Department
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Catherine Ting Lee received a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Iowa State University in 1972, working under the direction of Professor John F. Robyt in the B&B department. She studied the subunit compositions and functional differences of three isozyrnes of porcine pancreatic (x-amylase). She has held several positions in biomedical research in both academic and industrial environments. Her first position after receiving her doctorate was as a postdoctoral fellow for two years at the University of North Dakota, where she studied the effects of aging on in-vivo methylation and turnover of histones in rat brain and liver. She then became a Research Associate at Creighton University for three years, developing immuno-electrophoretic methods for characterizing trypsin and elastase inhibition kinetics. In 1978, she took a position as Senior Bioscientist at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, where she worked on the proteolytic enzyme activities on connective tissue degradation in patients suffering from various lung diseases such as emphysema. This brought her in contact with Newport Pharmaceuticals International in Newport Beach, California, where she took a position as Senior Research Scientist designing protocols for the screening of immuno-therapeutic drugs for immune disorders for six years. In 1987, Dr. Lee became a senior research scientist and research manager in the R&D division of Baxter Healthcare Corporation in Irvine, California. With Baxter, she directs the Bioscience Group in the development of bioimplant materials, their biocompatibility, and the tissue composition and surface modification of bioprostheses.