Cecile M. Hunter

Honored by:Gerald Hunter
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The women of my family to be recognized include Cecile M. Hunter, my mother; Carol (Stine) Hunter, my wife; and Karen K. and Karlene R. Hunter, my daughters. These women have had an important impact on my life and the lives of many others. These four women have truly been "heroines" in my life.

Cecile M. Hunter, 1897-1975, was a hardworking wife of a farmer and mother of four children. Prior to her marriage, she taught school in one-room country schools. Education was important to her. She encouraged all four of her children to pursue college educations. They all graduated from Iowa State University. Her family was influenced greatly by her love, devotion and inspiration as a woman with great admiration for her family and community. She was truly a "heroine" in the eyes of her family and friends.


Paver Inscription:

"The Family Women
Cecile M. Hunter
Carol S. Hunter
Karen K. Hunter
Karlene R. Hunter"