Centennial Culture Club

Honored by:Marjorie Buechler
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The handclasp converse smile
Our effort then was well employed
Our study club worthwhile.

Many showers have been held through the years; baby showers frequently at first, bridal showers, graduating gifts, even a shower following the Jordan tornado. It has been a tradition that offices are passed around in an orderly fashion and it was understood that when elected, one served. The offices have dwindled down to four now: president; vice president historian; secretary treasurer; and chaplain social chairman.

Originally, it was tradition that Christmas gifts were to be handmade or created. However, as more and more members joined the work force, that rule has been changed to optional. Many gifts still are hand made or home grown. Another change with the times and aging has been the times of meetings. Evening meetings have changed to daytime and now meetings are held March through December instead of through winter months. This also accommodates some who have become snowbirds.

Programs have always been important. In early years most of them were done by the program chairman for the month. Now, more quest speakers are used and often tours and eating out are the fare.

The club was originally organized as a member of the General Federation of Women's Clubs at the county state and national level and members participated in all their projects. It was decided to dissolve this affiliation in May 1963. Many of the members had joined the work force and were unable to go to Federation meetings.

"Iowa" has been a favorite study theme and many anniversaries culminating in the Golden Anniversary, which we shared with the Iowa Bicentennial celebration and also observed throughout the year. Programs were looking back by ten-year segments and culminating with a banquet. Traditionally, each year began with an "eating-out" fitting with the theme of the year when the new program books were revealed and the originality enjoyed. Then each year also ended with a dinner.

Through the years a bond of friendship and love has grown and each get-together is a time of joy. The founding members and officers were:

Theo Boyd - vice president
Arlene Buechler - treasurer
Marie Carlson - chaplain
Marjorie Crouse Maxine Cryder - historian
Evelyn Doran Doris Hull - president
Jane Lebo - secretary
Irene Nelson Helen Ross - social chr.
Dorothy Samuelson, Edyth Walker, Phyllis Zenor

Added members year by year were:

Winifred Hein-1947
Beth Johnson -1948
Martha Harrison -1951
Marjorie Buechler -1952
Bobbie Davis -1953
Eleanor Rosengreen -1954
Helen Beal -1954
Norma Staven-1954
Ardine Fairchild -1954
Arlene Shafer -1955
Helen Brown -1955
Eleanor Hanson -1957
Shirley Kersey 4-958
Barbara Pemble-1958
Joan Webb-1958
Beth Baker -1959
Edna Anderson -1961
Margaret Sigmund -1961
Alma Tallman -1961
June Brown 1962
Una Carr -1968
Mary McLean -1969
Lavonne Frandson -1969
Georgia Wilson -1969
Celeste Robinson -1975
Judy Anton -1975
Daphne Dunn -1961.