Cheryl Ann Riha

Honored by:Andrew Riha
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Cheryl Ann (Koshatka) Riha was born on October 18, 1957, at the New Hampton, IA, hospital. She joined her proud parents and a brother. Cheryl lived on a farm the first eight years of her life and then moved to Cresco. She attended the Catholic school during her elementary years, later transferring to the public school. 

She ranked 25th out of 160 classmates and carried a B+ average. Cheryl was talented in art and had drawings on display at the local bank. During her high school years she participated in girls' track, running in the Drake Relays as a high school freshman. She also worked several part-time jobs during that time.

She and Steven became parents of three sons: Andrew, Brandon, and Bryan. Our family enjoyed the company of many beloved family pets: a sheltie dog, several cats, rabbits, gerbils, and a turtle.  

After graduation in 1976, she was employed as a teller at the local bank from 1976-1987. She took time off to have Bryan, and then returned to work in the fall of 1989 as a clerical aide with the school district; she remains a school secretary to this day. Cheryl enjoyed having the summer months off to be with her sons and to do things together as a family. We enjoyed camping, bicycling, nature walks, and traveling to warm weather. Family vacations were important to her so that her sons could see different cultures in our world and gain new "hands on" experiences. 

Cheryl became a cancer survivor and participates in the annual Des Moines area Susan B. Komen 5K walk with a group of supportive girlfriends.

Cheryl is truly a dedicated, caring mother to her boys - she and Steven attended as many events of their sons as possible, and she is very proud of each one. Family is important to her, and Cheryl has given them the religious values, family care, and a loving home atmosphere to become a moral person.

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