Christine Payer Hunziker

Honored by:Janet Payer
Brick location:G:29  map

Pioneers Past and Present Remembering women family members who were pioneers and to recognize Chris who represents the young women who are today’s pioneers in careers and family. This brick is to honor my daughter Christine Payer Hunziker and also to commemorate the women in my family who preceded her. I wish to remember on my mother's side Chris's great grandmother Bertha Bye Johnson who emigrated from Norway and homesteaded a farm in North Dakota around 1890. My mother Jennie Johnson was orphaned at age 11 when Bertha and her husband died suddenly.

She was raised by cousins and became a country school teacher. On my father's side I wish to remember a great great grandmother who went west to Oregon by covered wagon. Chris's great grandmother Mary Galloway Supernois lived for a while in an Oregon lumber camp where my father Torrance Supernois was born. They eventually moved to Iowa. These early ancestors were strong pioneer women who helped settle the U.S. When Mary's husband died in 1930 during the depression she was left with little money reserves. But she took in roomers and boarders worked hard survived and was much loved by her family and friends. From such heritage on her mother's side has come Christine who represents the modern woman a pioneer of the new age who balances a professional life as a full time practicing attorney with love and care of her two children and husband. She also takes an active role in school community and church activities. And she always finds time to be a thoughtful caring daughter.

I think Chris's female ancestors would be very proud of her and her achievements. I am proud of the past women in our family and I am proud of my daughter. Now our hope is for the next generation granddaughter Megan to carry on a tradition of women with strength caring keeper of family traditions and achieving excellence in education and career.