Cindy Frederickson

Honored by:Terry Frederickson
Brick location:C:4  map

Growing up, my sister and I were never really that close. We had different interests and friends and argued a lot; probably the way most brothers and sisters make it to adulthood. But after college, maybe we both grew up.

She has become the real strength in the family. Her independence, honesty and calm way of getting things done makes her a leader at what she does. She’s an academic advisor at Iowa State and loves the university and the students. She usually ends up putting the interests and the well-being of her students before her own interests.

That’s what makes her an inspiration to her students as well as to me and the family. She has definite opinions on what she feels is right and fair and I believe she and Carrie Chapman Catt would have been good friends. I'm very proud of what she has done with her life and that is why I have chosen this small way of honoring her.