Clareta Walker

Honored by:Brian Woolley, Cleora Armbruster and Stuart Woolley
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Clareta Walker--Home Economics Education 1932

We choose to honor our Aunt, Clareta Walker, as one who has been devoted to Iowa State University and to the education of others throughout her lifetime.

Her enthusiasm for ISU was instrumental in our final selection of Iowa State for our college education. Eventually seven of her great nieces and nephews also attended and graduated from ISU.

An active member of Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority, Clareta graduated with a degree In Home Economics Education In 1932. She returned to her native state of Illinois to teach high school home economics. After serving as a home advisor in Macoupin County, Illinois, she became affiliated with the Cooperative Extension Service of the University of Illinois. She earned her M.S. degree there and became an Assistant Professor in Cooperative Extension Service.

Clareta established social and educational programs for older youth; working with them for many years. In addition, she planned and directed family camps for all ages, plus organizing training schools for local leaders.

Clareta Walker retired from the University of Illinois Extension Service in 1975 and continues her support and interest in that University as well as in Iowa State University and her Sorority.

Submitted on 1/5/95