Coleen Allbert Nutty

Honored by:John E. Nutty
Brick location:B:7  map

Maiden name Coleen Lou Allbert. Born April 27, 1926 in Reno, Nevada. Grew up in Smith Center Kansas and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Graduated Central High School Minneapolis 1944. Graduated University of Minnesota 1949 B.S. in Sociology. Post graduate study University of Iowa 1950-51. M.S. degree from Iowa State University 1978 Sociology (Anthropology). Worked with Travelers Aid Society San Diego, California 1952-53; Was a Story County Child Welfare Worker 1954-55; Board member Story County Iowa Board of Social Welfare 1963-65; Academic Advisor College of Sciences and Humanities Iowa State University 1972 - 1990. Married John E. Nutty June 2, 1951. Three children Peter (1955) Thomas (1956) and William (1958). Resident of Ames, Iowa from 1953 to present. Woman, Wife, Mother, Citizen, Educator, Humanitarian, and Environmentalist.