Collette Seda

Honored by:Leonard, Callen, Lene and Chris Seda
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Collette H. Seda is a wife and a mother of an entire family of Iowa State University graduates. Her husband, Dr. Leonard F. Seda, received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1956. All three of Collette's children received ISU degrees between 1981 and 1986. Cal J. Seda, Dubuque, Iowa graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Zoology in 1981; Lene M. Seda, Fairway, KS was granted a Bachelor's Degree from ISU School of Design in 1984 and Chris A. Seda, Chicago, IL received his Mechanical Engineering Degree from ISU in 1986.

Collette often mentions that her "Cyclone" family is proudly and gainfully employed using the excellent education attained at Iowa State University. She also adds that her husband is a life member of the ISU Alumni Association and was honored with the ISU Stange Award in 1991 for meritorious service to veterinary medicine.

Presently, Collette travels extensively with her husband in support of professional activities as he serves on the Executive Board of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Collette Novak Seda was born on February 23, 1937 in Toledo, Iowa. After completing her elementary and secondary education in Tama and Toledo, Iowa, she attended the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls from 1955-1957, where she received her elementary education certificate. In 1957 she returned to Toledo to teach first grade in the Toledo Elementary School.

On August 2, 1958 Collette married Dr. Leonard F. Seda at St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Tama, Iowa. After a few months in the US Army with Dr. Seda, the couple established their home in Victor, Iowa where Collette became an important partner for her husband's veterinary practice. The Sedas reside at 617 Main Street, Victor, Iowa 52347 where Dr. Seda is a senior partner in the four person practice of Victor Veterinary Associates.

Some special traits that make Collette Seda a special heroine include her loyalty to her family and ISU with her mother and homemaker role. She urged her children to attend Veishea at a very early age; the Stars Over Veishea stage production was always a special family event. ISU Marching Band with Cal playing trumpet, College of Design Open-House displays with Lene's projects, and SAE Homecoming floats with Chris working into the Veishea night are all special memories for Collette.

We are proud to present my wife and our mother as an ISU heroine.

Leonard F. Seda, DVM ISU 1956
Cal J. Seda, ISU 1981
Lene M. Seda, ISU 1984
Chris A. Seda, ISU 1986

Submitted on 4/1/95